Additional Services

The following additional services are available from our Ranch

  1. Thermal, Nightvision, Scope, Optic, Sight, Laser, and Range Finder Zeroing for Pistols, Shotguns, and Rifles. – $40.
    • Using our specialized targets we will ensure your optic is level, properly mounted, and zero it for you.
  2. Firearm and/or Archery Chronograph service. – $40.
    • Using our on site RADAR we will chronograph your firearm, bow, or crossbow for you.
  3. Ballistic Calculator Profile Setup. – $40.
    • Using our on site RADAR we will precisely gather your firearm, bow, and/or crossbows information and correctly build you a ballistic profile on your device or app of choice.
  4. Ballistic firing solution error diagnostics. – $40
    • Having trouble getting your ballistic firing solution lining up with real world shooting? We can help! With over a decade of experience in ballistics let us help you get your firing solution diagnosed and squared away.
  5. Equipment fitting and setup. – $40
    • Our team of experts boasts decades of combined experience in both the military and firearms industry, making them the ideal professionals to assist you in properly fitting your equipment. Whether you require help with achieving the correct eye relief on your optics, adjusting the length of pull on your gun, or placing your accessory equipment such as slings, bipods, lasers, and more, we can guarantee that your guns and equipment will be fitted and positioned to perfection. Additionally, our expertise extends to fitting gun belts, holsters, vests, plates, tripods, and any other equipment you may require, ensuring optimal comfort and function.