Gun Range Overview

Call Ahead For Availability
Shooting Lanes May Be Full
Call or Text us at (817)668-6252

State or Government Issued ID Required.

No Green Tip, 855, Birdshot, Buckshot, Steel Core, Armor Piercing, Tracer, Incendiary ammunition of any kind is allowed.

Certified Classes, Coaching, and Training available at this time.
Call or Text 817-668-6252 for more information.

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Range Information:

We recommend you print, and pre-fill out the liability waiver and range rules before coming for the first time.

Shooting Range Hours
Saturday & Sunday Are By Pre-Scheduled Appointment Only!
Monday – Saturday = 9AM – Dark
Sunday = 1PM – Dark

All range attendees must sign a waiver, range rules agreement, and demonstrate safe handling/range procedures. Our range has a zero tolerance policy for safety violations.

Children are allowed to attend and shoot but must be kept at arms length.

Eye protection, and ear protection required at all times. No exceptions.

The range is currently operating with 300 yards of capable distance. We have steel targets, 2 paper target stands, and 1 specialized Thermal/Night Vision Target.

Equipment Rental Available:
1) RADAR Chronograph ($25). Replacement Cost $650.
2) Shot timer ($10). Replacement Cost $300.
3) Brass catch net ($5). Replacement Cost $60.
4) Thermal/Night Vision Reactive Target ($25). Replacement Cost $150.

Equipment which is broken through negligence and mishandling will incur a replacement cost.

Shooting from the holster, concealment, full auto, and rapid fire is allowed on our facility only under direct RSO supervision.

Shooters must police up their brass after completion. We do offer a catch net for brass that shooters can use if they do not wish to pick up their brass by hand.

This is an active Ranch. If you kill an animal you are responsible for its removal and replacement cost. Absolutely no shooting of wildlife at any time.